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Application of Augmented Reality Technology

July 6, 2023

Application of Augmented Reality Technology: In recent years, more and more interactive flat panels have started integrating augmented reality technology to provide users with a richer interactive experience. For example, students can interact with virtual laboratories through interactive flat panels, or watch augmented reality demonstrations at exhibitions.


Higher Resolution and Larger Size: With technological advances, more and more interactive flat panels are providing higher resolution and larger size. This allows users to see the content on the screen more clearly and makes it easier to collaborate with others.


Intelligence and Automation: Some interactive flat panels are beginning to integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to provide more intelligent and automated functionalities. For example, interactive flat panels can automatically recognize users and adjust display content and settings according to user needs.


Sustainable Development: More and more interactive flat panels are adopting sustainable materials and manufacturing processes to reduce their impact on the environment. For example, some interactive flat panels are manufactured using recyclable materials and energy-saving technologies to reduce energy consumption.


Overall, the interactive flat panel field is constantly developing and innovating, providing users with richer and more intelligent interactive experiences.